Everyone At TableVistage Worldwide (and TEC International) is the world’s leading chief executive organization. For almost 60 years, Vistage has been improving the effectiveness and enhancing the personal lives of business owners, company presidents and chief executives throughout the business community. Together, Vistage members rise above the day-to-day operational issues to work ON the business instead of IN the business.

For decades, successful business leaders have understood the power of building high performing teams in their organizations. Only a few have translated that knowledge to building a mastermind team to support their own growth as a leader. A Vistage Peer Advisory Board provides that competitive edge for the enlightened leader.

“The leadership challenge facing you is impossible for you to handle alone. It can’t be done.”Prof. John Kotter, Harvard Business School, Author

For the public or private company owner, president or chief executive, the Vistage Chief Executive (CE) group may be the appropriate group. For smaller non-startup companies, the Vistage Small Business (SB) group may be a better fit. Those in the “C-Suite”, the next in line or the promising employee who will benefit from the Vistage experience may wish to join a Vistage Key Executive (KE) group. And for those trusted advisors to the business community (such as attorneys, bank executives, CPAs, etc.), the Vistage experience may be provided by a Vistage Trusted Advisor (TA) group.

The core component of the Vistage experience is the group and group meeting. The group comprises business owners, key executives, trusted advisors or leaders from public, private, for-profit and/or not-for-profit businesses. Each leader is from a non-competing organization and is focused on helping his or her peers to grow as leaders. In return, they ask only that their peers afford them the same safe opportunity to advance their own leadership skills.

Vistage members lead businesses with annual sales ranging from USD 1 Million to USD 1 Billion representing the most vital component of the economy. In the United States, the small to mid-sized business sector creates 75 percent of new jobs and generates 50 percent of the nation’s revenues. Around the world, Vistage-member companies generate nearly USD 300 Billion in annual revenue and employ more than 2.1 million people.

Vistage WorksVistage works! Member companies grow about 3 times faster after joining Vistage than they did in the two years prior to joining Vistage. While some would like to believe that there is some “magic sauce” that is applied to achieve this outstanding growth, the truth is that there is no magic. What helps our members grow is simply that they have an Advisor Board of peers who have only their best interest at heart. There are no financial ties, no competitors and no significant business interests between member companies in the group. Simply put, our members “Don’t Grow It Alone,” they have true third party opinions on their ideas, strategies, challenges and opportunities.

There are now over 18,000 Vistage members in 16 countries.