Chief Executive Board

It's Lonely at the top.

You don’t have to grow it alone. 18,000 other businesses have advisory boards.

Vistage is a “by invitation only” membership organization. Each group is formed with the understanding that a strict confidentiality agreement is to be observed. By design, the Vistage Chair will select members from non-competing companies across industries to provide the widest possible experience and varying points of view. For the CE group, the guidelines generally followed are that members must be the final decision maker of their organization. The company will have revenues in excess of USD 5 Million and a significant executive team structure.

It’s lonely at the top. Many business leaders in Orange County have found that they don’t have to “grow it alone.” They have surrounded themselves with a trusted, confidential peer advisory board and found a business advantage.

Group Meeting

Vistage provides a setting for successful leaders from diverse, non-competing industries to gather once a month in a confidential, problem-solving meeting with up to 16 business owners, company presidents and chief executives. The meeting is professionally facilitated by the Vistage Chair. This meeting is a full day advisory board meeting, and is focused on business opportunities and challenges. Each member is focused on assisting his or her colleague and in return, expects only that they will receive the same sound, thoughtful, selfless advice for their opportunities or challenges.

Business Advisor

The Vistage Chair meets with each member, each month, for a one-to-one session focused on the individual member’s needs. The chair is an objective trusted business adviser who offers advice, insight, accountability and support.

Expert Speaker Program

Recognized experts in critical business topics deliver fresh perspectives and practical insights, and inspire breakthrough ideas — all in the small-group environment of the monthly meetings. Each speaker meeting (usually 8 per year out of 12 meetings) is tailored to the group’s membership to provide the best possible experience for the group.

Regional and International Conferences

These gatherings offer members the opportunity for peer-to-peer networking beyond their own groups. Expert speakers and interactive workshops create extraordinary learning experiences. Vistage Executive Summits are conducted throughout the U.S. and are tailored for each region.

Web-Based Best Practices Library

The Vistage online library (Vistage View) puts a comprehensive collection of practical tips, advice and best practices at every member’s fingertips with the click of a mouse. In addition there are many webinars lead by expert speakers and business leaders.

Worldwide Network

Vistage is NOT a networking group. In practice, “doing significant business” with members of your own group would destroy the objectivity of our advisory board. It would be very difficult to advise your “supplier” that she or he needs to raise their prices! On the other hand, we can gain significant advantage from access to the ever-expanding global network of more than 18,000 businesses in 16 countries.