Linda Hughes

Linda HughesLinda L. Hughes, President of Hughes & Associates, Inc. has provided corporate leadership training and strategic education systems to many of the nation’s top chief executives. For more than thirty years Hughes & Associates, Inc. has advised and counseled American business through a maze of human capital challenges in an effort to increase productivity, and more importantly, profitability.

Ms. Hughes’ skills consist of a number of solid fields of expertise; in particular, one developed exclusively for chief executives and their “inner circle” of advisors, their leadership team, if you will. Serving as counsel to this elite cadre, Ms. Hughes assesses current and pending areas of concern and designs educational systems to navigate around the stumbling blocks. Typically these programs involve in-depth personal interviews, communications studies, organization dynamics and decision-making processes. The resulting template for profitability and improved productivity affects the entire firm, from the top line of authority through management levels, and penetrating to a variety of subordinates. Specifically, communications, leadership, teambuilding, organizational climate and cultural diversity are positively amplified. Individual coaching for the leadership t am is a critical component of this process.

Each enterprise requires a personal prescription. Ms. Hughes has consulted for private industry, public agencies and municipalities, as well as publicly traded conglomerates. The principles of training vary according to the challenges at hand and the organizational complexity of her clients.

Currently, Ms. Hughes is a Vistage Chair Person facilitating one CEO group and one Key Executive group. As a Vistage Chair Person, Ms. Hughes facilitates monthly meetings with each up as well as conducts one-to-one meetings with fifteen CEO members. In 2006, Ms. Hughes received the elite Vistage Master Chair Person Award, acknowledging her consistent high performance as well as the unparalleled value and exceptional commitment she brings to her groups and the Vistage mission and values.

Ms. Hughes has also been a member of the Board for Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) for ten years.

Ms. Hughes has served as program director and consultant for the Orange County Center for Educational Administrator Development, and was a Principal in the Capistrano Unified School District. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Science and Education from Arizona State University, and a Master of Science degree in Administration and Management from Pepperdine University. Ms. Hughes continued graduate-level work at UCLA and UCI, and in addition, attended a number of seminars and specialized programs to complement her education.

Client List (Partial)

  • The Los Angeles Times
  • Comforce
  • Chino Valley Indpendent Fire District
  • Fleetwood Enterprises
  • Gallo Wineries
  • JRMA Architects/Engineers
  • World Savings
  • Department of Defense: DDRW (Logistics Arm for DOD)
  • TICA – Tenit-In-Common Associates
  • LOCA – Laguna Beach Outreach Community Arts’
  • OK International Sedgwick James Insurance
  • South County Bank
  • Tri Valley Growers
  • SDC Technologies
  • University of California Riverside (Instructor)
  • Passco Companies
  • SignSource

You can email Linda and reach her at (949)497-4524