Robert (Bob) Dabic

Bob DabicBob Dabic is a “Master Chair” (business/life coach) of Vistage Chief Executive and Key Executive Groups in the Orange County, California area, a “Best Practice Chair” responsible for chairs and members in the Los Angeles area, and a Lead Trainer of new and existing chairs. Bob has been honored with the “Robert Nourse Chair of the Year Award” for 2006, and the highest chairing performance achievement, the “Don Cope Memorial Award” in 2010.

Vistage is an international organization consisting of Private Advisory Boards of CEOs, Executives and Business Owners which is “dedicated to increasing effectiveness and enhancing lives.” It was founded in 1957.

In his Master Chair and Best Practice Chair roles, Bob facilitates monthly full-day meetings with groups of up to 18 to 20 members or chairs who act as an agenda-free/unbiased peer advisory board for one another to ideally resolve issues and maximize opportunities. Business Expert Resource Speakers are also brought in to make half-day workshop presentations at these meetings. Furthermore, Bob coaches each member and chair on a one-on-one basis to help him/her become significantly more successful, while working fewer hours and improving his/her personal relationships!

In addition, Bob is CEO (Coaching Excellence Officer) of DabiCoaching, a multi-purpose coaching/training/consulting company. In this role, Bob will also do coaching of clients, as well as conduct numerous workshops on the topics of: vision/mission/values creation, strategic planning, goal setting, leadership, communication, delegation, finance, selling, process improvement (TQM), and career development planning. Since 1999, he has worked with over 100 different companies/organizations and well over 1,000 senior executives in those entities.

Prior to taking on the above roles, Bob was a successful owner, president & CEO of several airport and aerospace equipment design & manufacturing companies over a 30-year period. For the last 6½ years in the day-to-day operating role, he was a member of a Vistage CEO group. Bob was also director of marketing for an alarm manufacturer, and worked in a sales role with Xerox Corporation right after graduating from California State University at Long Beach with a B.S. Degree in Business Administration/Marketing.

You can email Bob and contact him at 949.376.8600. Vistage Chair Page.