Tom Hardesty

Tom HardestyTom Hardesty joined Vistage International in October 2002 and has been a Chairman for Vistage International since 2007 in Orange County, California. Vistage International is the leading executive membership organization in the world. Tom provides leadership development for CEOs and business owners by facilitating peer advisory groups and conducting one-to-one coaching sessions with these top executives. Tom has four Vistage Groups; two CEOs, a Key Group and a Trusted Advisor Group. Tom received rookie of the year and has mentored new chairs.

In addition, Tom is Founder of NBS: A Leaders Choice a business coaching and facilitation company. In this role, Tom also does coaching of clients, as well as conducts Annual and Quarterly leadership team meetings that help the entire organization be focused, engaged, sharing a common vision, disciplined, accountable, executing well and advancing as a healthy, functional, cohesive team.

Prior to the above roles, Tom started his career with the Coca-Cola Company in Sales and Marketing, moving quickly through the ranks to supporting National Accounts. After a stint in advertising and marketing communications on the agency side, Tom was part of a leadership team growing a manufacturing company from $25 to $100 million in sales. During this high growth time, Tom handled the growing pains of this entrepreneurial family-owned company in various roles including strategic planning, sales, lean transformation and supply management. Tom graduated from California State University at Pomona with a B.S. Degree in Business Administration and continued his business education at Pepperdine University.

You can email Tom, or call (714)351-7359